• little wings Light Green Leaves (hand numbered 140g green vinyl LP, £22.50)

    label: Gnome Life

    +MP3. Remastered for analogue bliss by the mighty John Golden, Light Green Leaves has never sounded so lovely. The deluxe first pressing of this release comes in an uncoated, matte jacket foil-stamped with holographic pastel rainbow foil. This pressing is limited to 1,000 copies. For the last two decades Little Wings (Kyle Field) has been quietly building a kingdom of lyrically and melodically incomparable alt-folk songs. In a treasure trove of hundreds of songs and twelve unique albums, one Little Wings record sparkles with a particularly iridescent sheen... the drifter-pop, lo-fi masterpiece Light Green Leaves. In 2002, Kyle Field released Light Green Leaves on three formats (cassette, vinyl, CD). Each format bore different versions of the same songs in various states of refinement. The tape was solo demo recordings made on a hand-held recorder. The vinyl was loosey-goosey studio experimentation around the major themes. And the CD contained the polished precious stones. This latter, definitive version of Little Wings' indie classic Light Green Leaves is now available on vinyl for the first time ever! Light Green Leaves features spare and eclectic percussion, surfy electrics and sandy nylon strings, rolling bass lines, an occasional sci-fi keyboard, and Kyle Field singing along with himself in unpracticed harmonies. Compositions are assembled with care and playful intuition like tiny stick-and-leaf fairy houses. Shrink down, climb inside, and enter a fantastic inner world. A personal mythology unfolds in Light Green Leaves amidst naturalistic melodies and truly masterful wordplay. Whimsy is the lyrical modality of choice, but these song-poems are no less profound for their impish nature. The songs sometimes feel like nursery rhymes from another dimension populated entirely by Kyle Field. This album, and the man behind it are of the sand and surf. Just like Kyle, these tunes are open-hearted ramblers, with long sunny days tangled in their salty hair, and a constellation of roguish twinkles in their eyes. TRACKS - 1. Boom! 2. Look at What the Light Did Now 3. Next Time 4. Sandbar 5. Fall Flood 6. Light Green Leaves 7. Under Your Blanket 8. III 9. Fall Sweep 10. Uh-Oh (It's Morning Time Again) 11. The Way I Deux 12. What Wonder

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