• kawabata makoto & jennifer gentle The Wrong Cage (CD, £8.25)

    label: A Silent Place

    Finally it is here, the long-awaited re-release of "The Wrong Cage", the superfreaky, acid rock album that introduced Italian psych-pop mavericks Jennifer Gentle to the rest of the world, leading to their subsequent Sub Pop signing. Originally self-released in late 2002 on their own imprint Sillyboy Records, "The Wrong Cage" saw the young Italian quartet (who had already home-recorded a couple of eccentric albums) join forces with Kawabata Makoto, the legendary Japanese guitar-god leader of Acid Mothers Temple and zillion other projects, for a live album that captured the band at its most ferocious. The result was over 30 minutes of wonderful loud sonic carnage: two long, ultra-heavy guitar freakouts plus a eerily beautiful solo sarongi track played by Kawabata - all in all, a must for all fans of heavy, guitar-driven psychedelic avant-rock. Long out of print, "The Wrong Cage" is available again, now with the addition of a lo-fi, 18-minute long version of "Bring Them" cut on the another night of that tour and burning with even more fire and primal power than the original album.

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