• cornershop The Urban Turban (LP, £13.50)

    label: Ample Play

    Vinyl version now available (same tracklist as CD). ‘The beast of winter is slain and what better way to celebrate than with some solar flared grooves courtesy of Cornershop?’ – The Quietus. Adding to their unique treasure trove of a back catalogue, Cornershop are pleased to announce the release of their new longplayer, the ‘Urban Turban’ album on 14th May, which NME have been quick to say is ‘Instantly Amazing.’ ‘Urban Turban’ is a walk through the hard-drive of Tjinder Singh's head – it’s a summer breeze with an autobahn of electronic sound, Swedish and French songstresses, Lancashire primary school singers, and a throwback to his Indian folk roots (or as he calls it, the pre-cursor to hip-hop itself)…Whilst many other groups seem to have got themselves stuck in a time of austerity (for the past decade), Cornershop continue to showcase all they want, in their own time – it’s a longer route but one that has solid foundation and respect.

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