• melt-banana / locust Split (7-track coloured vinyl 7" + inserts, £4.75)

    label: G.S.L.

    A split release of massive proportions, this 7 pairs 2 of the most volatile and original bands to emerge from hardcore punk. Tokyo's Melt-Banana (2 songs) will be familiar to anyone with a taste for the extreme, having released God-knows-how-many albums and singles on the likes of Skin Graft, Slap a Ham, A-Zap and HG Fact, among other labels. The Locust (5 songs) are a household name suffice it to say a lot of kids have been chomping at the bit to get their filthy paws on this. It's also the band's first release as a 4-piece and the difference is remarkable - the 'blastbeat' now more of a form of punctuation than the whole basis for a song. The full colour artwork by Sam McPheeters (Born Against, Men's Recovery Project) will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye.

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