• missing links Driving You Insane: the Complete Recordings of Australia's Wildest '60s Band (17-track CD + 40-page booklet, £11.95)

    label: Half a Cow

    10th anniversary edition of the long-out-of-print reissue of the 1965 album and 1966 EP by "Australia's wildest garage-punk band". This reissue contains all 17 songs by the second lineup featuring Andy Anderson (these days a well-known actor) and Doug 'Masters Apprentices' Ford. The release has been repackaged in an Eco-Box jewel case with the booklet intact with photos galore and the full history of the band. This "definitive article" is based on interviews with eight original band members as well as Richard Neville and Ed Kuepper. The release includes 'Wild About You' (as covered by the Saints on their first album)) and 'You're Driving Me Insane' (on the Rhino Nuggets II box set). The previously unreleased songs from the first lineup and related bands, The Showmen and The Running Jumping Standing Still, have been removed to showcase the infamous second lineup in all its glory. The most sought-after and anticipated Australian rerelease from the '60s has been reissued again. As the cliche goes: all killer no filler! TRACK LISTING 1. Wild About You 2. Hobo Man 3. Bald-Headed Woman 4. Not To Bother Me 5. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut 6. Some Kinda Fun 7. You're Driving Me Insane 8. Nervous Breakdown 9. Speak No Evil 10. On The Road Again 11. All I Want 12. H'tuom Tuhs 13. Something Else 14. I'll Go Crazy 15. Don't Give Me No Fiction 16. One More Time 17. Wooly Bully

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