• nurse with wound An Awkward Pause (digipak double CD, £12.95)

    label: Durtro Jnana

    A re-release of one of the most popular albums in the Nurse With Wound discography. Originally released in 1999, An Awkward Pause adds David Tibet (Current 93), Christoph Heemann, Colin Potter and Petr Vastl (Aranos) to the mix, resulting in a unique sounding and rather rocking release. The two-CD set features a deluxe six-panel digipak and adds to the the original recording an entire disc of previously unreleased material. Most interesting may be the bonus version of "Two Shaves and a Shine" which contains all the elements listeners need to take and create their own mix. Disc 1 #1 Intravenous #2 Two Shaves And A Shine (concerto For Bouzouki And 3 Piece Rock Group In 93 Six Second Segments) #3 The Penis Fruit Loop #4 Lunar Cement Sidewalk #5 Mummer's Little Weeper Disc 2 #1 Mummer's Little Weeper (kinky Whim Demo) #2 Intravenous (unrefined Component No. 1) #3 Disposition One #4 Intravenous (unrefined Component No. 2) #5 Disposition Two #6 Penis Fruit Loop (bald And Beardless Version) #7 Intravenous (plump Aerospheric Mix) #8 Disposition Three #9 Intravenous (unrefined Component No. 3) #10 Two Shaves And A Shine (original Archaic Demo) #11 Two Shaves And A Shine (ingredients - Create Your Own Track!) #12 Two Shaves And A Shine (bastard Disco Version) #13 Mummer's Little Weeper (mud Ooze Sloth Mix)

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