• old skars & upstarts 2005  (CD, £10.25)

    label: disaster

    bad lieutnants - arizona love. die hunns - ain't talkin' 'bout love. briefs - human thermometer. prima donna - double crosser. the bones - not a love song. angel city outcasts. rev it up, turn it loose. turbonegro - suffragette city. black halos - burning trash. epoxies - don't talk to me. the lizzies - baby black and blue. ducky boys scars. u.s. bombs - he's the man. the district - i crisis. amazombies blind devotion. mad sin - straight to hell. street dogs - drink tonight. river boat gamblers. smoking crack with l.a. reid. the deep eynde - zombie kids. the duane peters gunfight. blow my brains. civet - black day. the addicts steamroller. the worthless - fall in love. the skulls - i don't need nothing. hollow points - ropes end. blood for blood hanging on the corner. roger miret & the disasters. lower east side. the stitches - monday morning ornaments. the orphans - underage girlfriend. r.x. son - because your my friend. the kings of nuthin' - Wild In The Streets

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