• olen'k Silently Noisy (CD, £7.95)

    label: Cold Meat Industry

    Formed a few years ago in France, Olen'k is an inspired band who has composed this first album, making real the promises held in their first self-produced EP, "Half Asleep". "Silently Noisy" is a synthesis of classical and modern genres, with sounds drawn from the eighties cold-wave era which Olen'k enrich with their own ethno-electro touch: from darkwave and trip-pop ambiances to groovy ethereal and world music. This unique and exquisite blend of styles, influences and cultures is one of the most melodious compositions to appear on the Cold Meat Industry label, if to be compared to any other CMI-releases, the closest to come is Sanctum's debut album "Lupus in Fabula" (cmi.46). The contrasting female voices of Elise and CÚcile create an ethereal - and very powerful sound which generates a lot of emotion and depth. With his traditional instruments (guitar, bass, balafon, and other African curiosities), Manuel adds an organic and human feel to the electronic soundscapes designed by Patrice. Epic, stirring and mysterious, "Silently Noisy" transports you into a dreamy world.

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