• one car pile up Worst Episode Ever (CD, £7.50)

    label: crackle

    Fed up with recording studios that never gave them the sound they wanted, One Car Pile-Up decided to do it themselves. They worked long and hard to record this album 100% DIY, from saving up t-shirt and gig money in order to buy microphones, to renting an old industrial unit in which to record, to learning how to use recording and mixing software from scratch. The result is an album with guitars full up in the mix that the band is happy with. The One Car Pile-Up sound is a cocktail of early NOFX; the political bite, satire and anger of Propagandhi and a healthy dash of classic British pop punk. Intelligent lyrics deal with topics such as working for the boss, dead end towns, revolution, death, suicide, government lies and relationships. Through all this, the band maintains a healthy sense of humour and perspective in the lyrics, sleeve notes and song explanations. The CD contains 11 brand new tracks plus 7 bonus tracks which are totally new recordings of now long-deleted vinyl only 7" EPs on Crackle Records and Damaged Goods Records.

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