• panic Get Well (CD, £7.50)

    label: crackle

    While other UK bands have fallen by the wayside, or even worse, disappeared up their own musical arses, Panic have remained true to their original ideas and of course, to their collective love of the Ramones! "Get Well" has the usual Ramones/Queers/Screeching Weasel influences, but this time Panic have broadened their sound and produced a collection of insanely catchy pop-punk songs. From the timeless pop of "I'm The Enemy" and "Some Money Spiders" through the mid-paced catchiness of "Potatoes Not Prozac" and "The Mood Is About To Change" to the all-out Ramones-three-chord attack of "Shut The Fuck Up Monkey Boy" and "We Sniff Glue", this collection will stick in your head for days and establishes Jamie Panic as one of the UK's best songwriters. Full colour artwork and lyrics. 14 tracks.

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