• pebbles vol. 2: various hooligans  (LP, £16.95)

    label: bomp

    Second volume in the infamous series dedicated to original punk rock and psychedelic rock from the fabulous sixties This was the first new Pebbles album that was released on BFD Records, in 1979. AIP Records issued this volume in CD format in 1992. Although having a different cover, the two formats are largely the same album. When AIP Records issued the early volumes of CDs, they omitted some tracks from the corresponding LP for the stated reason that they were already widely available on other anthologies. Track listing : Side 1: 1.The Satans: "Makin' Deals", 2.The Moving Sidewalks: "99th Floor", 3.The Sons of Adam: "Feathered Fish", 4.The Electric Prunes: "Vox Wah-Wah Pedal Commercial", 5.The Road: "You Rub Me the Wrong Way", 6.The Lyrics: "So What!", 7. The Buddhas: "Lost Innocence", 8. Zakary Thaks: "Bad Girl", 9.Randy Alvey and Green Fuz: "Green Fuz", Side 2: 1.The Squires: "Go Ahead", 2.The Little Boy Blues: "I Can Only Give You Everything", 3.The Dovers: "She's Gone", 4.Phil & the Frantics: "I Must Run", 5. The Dovers: "What Am I Going to Do", 6.The Choir: "It's Cold Outside", 7. Bobby Fuller: "Wine Wine Wine", 8.The Litter: "I'm a Man"

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