• lee "scratch" perry Scratch and Company Chapter 1: The Upsetters (LP, £16.95)

    label: Clocktower

    Placed within legendary reggae producer Lee “Scratch” Perry’s prolific discography, The Upsetters Chapter 1 stands out as one of the eccentric genius’s most interesting, adventurous works. Using a combination of established collaborators and new musicians, Perry creates a classic dub record that pulses with deep bass, echoing percussion and dissonant sound effects. Spiritual cuts (“When Jah Come”) are balanced by grand dub productions (“Tighten Up”), creating a cohesive, infectious sound that rivals the Upsetter’s finest material. TRACK LIST: A1. The Upsetters – Scratch The Dub Organizer A2. Johnny Lover & The Towerchanters – Who You Gonna Run To A3. Lee Perry & The Blue Bell – Tighten Up A4. Val Bennett & The Upsetters – Serious Joke A5. Brad Osbourne & The Towerchanters – Little Flute Chant B1. Devon Irons – When Jah Comes B2. The Upsetters - Stratch Walking B3. Lee Perry & The Black Arks – Come Along B4. Bunny & Ricky – Bush Weed Corn Trash B5. The Upsetters – Curly Dub

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