• prisoners The Wisermiserdemelza (23-track CD, £12.95)

    label: big beat

    It’s over 25 since we released the Prisoner’s psychedelic masterpiece and it’s high time it was given a bit of a spruce up to make it fit for 2016. This is the definitive reissue of their 1983 album, featuring all the tracks the group recorded for Big Beat in 1983.  It includes the original album, the tracks from the “Electric Fit” EP, the Prisoners’ track from the “Four On Four” EP, and the bonus cuts originally released on the US album “Revenge Of The Prisoners”, including version two of ‘Revenge of The Cybermen’ which hasn’t been reissued since.  The Prisoners were part of the Medway garage scene of the 1980s and were an influence on dozens of bands: from the Charlatans to the White Stripes. They were named by the NME as one of the great lost bands.  The CD comes with extensive liner notes, culled from interviews with all the band members and producer Philip Chevron of the Pogues and Radiators From Space. 1. Go Go 2. Hurricane 3. Somewhere 4. Think of Me 5. Love Me Lies 6. Tonight 7. Here Comes the Misunderstood 8. The Dream Is Gone 9. For Now and Forever 10. Unbeliever 11. Far Away 12. Go Go (Reprise) 13. The Last Thing on My Mind 14. Reaching My Head 15. Melanie 16. Coming Home 17. Revenge of the Cybermen 18. Go Go (Full Version) 19. What I Want 20. Tomorrow (She Said) 21. Love Changes 22. Revenge of the Cybermen (Version 2) 23. Go Go (Alt)

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