• prurient / carlos giffoni Heavy Rain Returns (CD, £10.50)

    label: ideal recordings

    Two of North America's greatest now living noise artists get together in Bushwick, New York for one harsh collaboration. This is some brutal stuff, man! They succeed extremely well to create something unique, but also where you hear the influences they both bring into the vortex of hi- & lo-tech electronic noise. Noise music became the new black in 2006. And this album gives us hope for an even more explosive 2007. "Heavy Rain Returns" is a truly monumental album. Recorded in Bushwick, New York City - it's an intense trip into harsh noise and electronic sickness, with some deep black metal influences. Carlos Giffoni is maybe best known for his great "Welcome Home" record for Important and his curator skills are infamous through his No Fun Fest in Brooklyn which is the world's most extreme music festival. He has also collaborated with Thurston Moore, Lee Renaldo and Fe-Mail. Prurient is Dominick Fernow who is operating the Hospital Productions label and shop out of a basement in New York. His albums "Black Vase" and the latest "Pleasure Ground" for Load Records are both highly recommended and loved. Here we hear two of the US-noise scene's absolutely most important creators together - and man, it's pure energy hitting you hard.

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