• timothy, revelator Beneath the Bleeding Moon (CD ROM, £10.75)

    label: Hand/Eye

    "Beneath the Bleeding Moon," the first volume in Timothy's "Lost Gospel Music" series was recorded at Unreal House, direct to tape (yes, analog) over the course of a few nights in September 2004. With the exception of some overdubbed bowed-dulcimer on two tracks, all songs were recorded live with vocals and ent-banjo, an instrument of Timothy's design. Here are moon-songs to God and the green wood, and secret songs to night angels - drawing influences from east (Ostad Elahi, Abdelah Ghania) and west (Buell Kazee, Derroll Adams), Timothy blends the Middle Eastern/African roots of the banjo easily with its American descendant. Improvisation is blended with structured songs. Timothy's music is blended with Richard Crashaw's words.

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