• secret machines September 000 (CD, £9.25)

    label: Ace Fu

    This debut from Secret Machines is both grand and minimal. One half "Dark Side of The Moon", one half Stereolab, and classic rock in every sense. The music unfurls sprawling landscapes where splashes of organ and shards of reverb guitars adorn adventurous unique song structures. At first the Secret Machines disposition is calm and reserved, but it later expands, layer by layer, until their musical terrain becomes laden with colourful melodies, counter harmonies and coyly poignant lyrics. Tracks: 1 Marconi's Radio 7:42, 2 What Used to Be French Secret Machines 6:30, 3 Breathe 2:43, 4 Still See You 2:49, 5 It's a Bad Wind That Don't Blow Somebody Some Good 5:56, 6 Marconi's Radio 2:46

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