• shake!  (17-track CD, £8.95)

    label: biff bang pow

    The essential new compilation. Contemporary bands who draw their inspiration from the heydays of the Kinks, the Who and the Faces to name a few. Featuring Tom Hingley & the Lovers, Solarflares, Gene Drayton Unit, Long Tall Shorty, Small World, Yeh-Yeh, Yellowcake, the Risk etc. Packed with enthusiasm, song writing talent and a wealth of gigging experience. 1. The solarflares 2. Tom hingley & the lovers 3. The gene drayton unit 4. Long tall shorty 5. The threads 6. Small world 7. Yeh-yeh 8. The risk 9. 17 black 10. The golden hour 11. Yellowcayke 12. The embrooks 13. Archive 45 14. The points 15. Face 16. J60 17. Afterglow

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