• ananda shankar Ananda Shankar and His Music (CD, £6.95)

    "This genre-busting 1975 album seamlessly fuses the traditional music of Ananda Shankar's homeland, India, with the heavy psych-funk of the West, where he'd spent a good deal of time. Featuring the dancefloor killers Streets Of Calcutta and Dancing Drums alongside a handful of mellower tracks, the original, India-only LP has long been one of the worlds most sought-after records. Psychedelic breaks and beats at their most beautiful, and for the first time on CD." That's the description from the label one-sheet, but that doesn't tell you the half of it - this is not pseudo-lounge sitar pop/psych like his oft-reissued Reprise LP, with its covers of Jumping Jack Flash etc. no, no, no, for this little disc has got some serious groove to it, with sitar/funk action, and interesting compositions that make this recording much more than the sum of its exotic parts.

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