• strange death of liberal england Forward March! (9-track CD, £4.60)

    label: fantastic plastic

    The Strange Death Of Liberal England are five like-minded souls from Portsmouth with a cumulative desire to make music that explores light and shade, beauty and ugliness, creation and destruction. Early shows were notable as members switched instruments between songs and used slogan placards to highlight song titles and transmit messages to those watching. In 2008 The Strange Death Of Liberal England released this debut mini album. NME decided they sounded like “Arcade Fire with tattoos” (which is a good thing!) and Uncut described them as “God’s Own Orchestra”. The band toured with Of Montreal and Manic Street Preachers. TRACKLISTING: Modern Folk Song, Oh Solitude, A Day Another Day, An Old Fashioned War, Mozart on 33, I Saw Evil, God Damn Broke and Broken Hearted, Summer Gave Us Sweets, Autumn Wrought Division

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