• sucioperro Random Acts of Intimacy (CD, £6.95)

    label: captains of industry

    Acclaimed Scottish four-piece from Ayr, Scotland, pronounced “Soosh-ee-oo-perro” (Spanish for “dirty dog”). JP Reid is one half of the chart topping band Marmaduke Duke with Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro, the pair being known under the psydonyms The Atmosphere and The Dragon when involved in the Duke. Sucioperro play an effortlessly complex mix of math rock precision, emotive (but, please, not emo) acoustic songs and no-nonsense, rousing rock radio anthems. Fans of Foo Fighters, The Police, Jimmy Eat World will certainly find something to enjoy. Actually one review described Sucioperro as "bouncing somewhere between Rage Against The Machine and Crowded House". Or maybe Nirvana covering The Proclaimers? Either way, that’ll do. Tracklisting : 1. the crushing of the little people, 2. wolf carnival, 3 grace and out of me, 4 random acts of intimacy, 5. dialog on the 2, 6. i don't hate it, i accept it, 7 tem v com, 8 apathy=inaction, 9 list of what needs said, 10 the drop, 11. the final confessions of mabel stark

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