• sunray feat. sonic boom Ocean (12", £9.50)

    label: earworm

    Another collaboration between the mighty Sunray and Sonic Boom. Having previously joined forces for the incredible side long "Music for the Dreammachine" 12" a couple of years back, (selling out in 2 weeks) the pair release a phenomenal 13 minute take on the Velvets "Ocean" which starts with a seemingly faithful take on the Lou Reed gem. However, brace yourself for take off mid way through as it takes on a whole new route to the stars. A 2 chord drone dream laced with Farfisa, Sonics hushed vocals and Starstreamer and buzzing moogs. I'd swear you still hear it building even when it ends: one of those tracks which - like the Spacemen at their pomp - you wish would last way longer than one side of vinyl allows. Released on 12" only, clocking in at a value-for-money 25 minutes, the B sides are also equally strong. Sunrays "I Wish" hits ya like an early bluesy Spiritualized, and final track "One Note Jam" is, as the title suggests, a fuzz drenched one chord stomp which closed a recent live show. Incredible stuff housed in a beautiful psych sleeve to boot.

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