• swimmer one The Regional Variations (CD, £6.75)

    label: Biphonic

    Two awkward perfectionists from Scotland, Andrew Eaton and Hamish Brown, are Swimmer One. They make intelligent leftfield pop, but not the kind that fits neatly into any box. They have been compared to Belle and Sebastian, the KLF, the Associates, the Blue Nile and the Chemical Brothers. The Regional Variations is their 2007 debut album. The song ʻBut My Heart Is Brokenʼ featured in the Hollywood film Spread, directed by David Mckenzie (Hallam Foe, Young Adam) and starring Ashton Kutcher. The Regional Variations is produced by Swimmer One and James Locke (Nectarine No 9, Fire Engines, Paul Haig. "They give intelligence a good name, are more windswept than worthy and are very, very good." - The Guardian. "Their songs often evoke the wind-blown expanses of the Scottish countryside and coastline, but there's little narrow-minded or hidebound about their exhilarating debut, one of the finest of this year's freshman efforts." - The Independent.

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