• back when Presence (8-track CD, £4.95)

    label: Init Records

    BACK WHEN collection CD compiling the fan-favourite "Swords Against The Father" 7", their side of the split 7" with THE SETUP, a JEROME'S DREAM cover, plus a demo and a remix of songs from their full-length "We Sang As Ghosts". TRACKLISTING: 01. EXODUS, PHOBOS, EXODUS, DEIMOS. 02. EXAMINING THE LIVES OF THE AFTER 03. A HERO'S WELCOME 04. SONS AGAINST THE FATHER 05. FRAUD OF SCRIBES 06. WE GIVETH AND WE TAKETH 07. A PRESENT FOR THOSE WHO ARE PRESENT (JEROMES DREAM) 08. ESSAYS IN THE MOONLIGHT III (REMIX)

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