• varukers Massacred Millions (CD, £8.75)

    label: fallout

    The Varukers formed in 1979, led by Rat on vocals. In 1981 they released their first records and went on to sign with Riot City Records for their debut album "Bloodsuckers" and "Another Religion Another War" in 1983. In 1984, the band signed with Rot Records, when Paul Miles joined them on guitar and wrote new material for the band, releasing a 12" EP called "Massacred Millions". Another LP "One Struggle One Fight", was released on the bandís own label, Liberate Records, and during this period also recorded other sessions which appear on this CD. Tracklist: 1 Intro 2 A Lesson We Must Never Forget 3 Massacred Millions 4 Will They Never Learn 5 Persistence Resistance 6 Thatchers Fortress 7 Animals An Animal 8 The Bomb Blast 9 We Hint At Things Nuclear 10 Enter Of A New Phase 11 Will They Ever Learn (live) 12 Enter Of A New Phase (live) 13 State Enemy 14 Never Let Go 15 Fear Of Mankind 16 Stop The Killing In South Africa

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