• wojciech golczewski The Signal (purple vinyl LP, £22.75)

    label: Death Waltz Recording Co.

    Wojciech Golczewski’s second LP on Death Waltz Originals is actually a prequel to his 2015 debut Reality Check and the second part of a proposed trilogy to be finished in 2018. This time out the emphasis is on super minimal widescreen sci-fi ambience. The record is absolutely epic in scope and features lush synth arrangements with melody lines that bubble just under the surface creating a multi layered listen that is perfect for late nights and dark rooms. TRACKLISTING: Side A: 1. Orbiting 2. Childhood Dream 3. The Signal 4. Magnetic Storm 5. Robotic Assist Module 6. Spectre 7. Timeline / Side B 1. Command 64 2. Setting Up 3. Superunknown 4. 13480000 Miles

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