• black sun ensemble Bolt of Apollo (enhanced CD, £8.75)

    label: camera obscura

    To celebrate Black Sun Ensemble's 20th anniversary, Here's their 11th studio release, "Bolt of Apollo". A mostly instrumental album, "Bolt of Apollo" effectively fuses the sun-baked, raga-esque qualities of the Ensemble with other influences ranging from British Invasion, progressive rock and ambient music. As always, the common thread is the electrifying guitar work of Jesus Acedo. Follow up to 2003's "Starlight" CD. The material presented in "Bolt of Apollo" is extraordinary. From the middle-eastern meditations of "The Shining One" and "The Mecurial Incense of Melquiades" to the progressive explosiveness of "Heart of the Master" and "Scarlet Woman", to the ethnic-rock fusion of "St. Cecilia", "Bolt of Apollo" showcases fiery performances from the Ensemble while, as always, featuring mind-blowing fret work by guitar wizard Acedo. "Bolt of Apollo" is also an enhanced CD with a video encoded onto each disc to be played in any PC or Macintosh computer.

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