• wooden wand James & the Quiet (CD, £5.10)

    label: Ecstatic Peace

    The prolific James Jackson Toth, working under the nom-de-tune Wooden Wand has released some 20-plus albums over a handful of years. However, Toth considers ‘James & The Quiet’ the third proper Wooden Wand full length. While each release has explored a psychedelic-folk wonderland, this album is far and away one of the most concisely focused and downright catchy recordings in the WW oeuvre. “I wanted it to be an un-weird record,” Toth says. The road-weary songwriter had been spending a lot of time with old Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings records, and wanted to transcend the 'psychedelic' connotations he'd been pegged with since his days fronting The Vanishing Voice. He wanted to do what Elvis Costello did on ‘Imperial Bedroom’ or Leonard Cohen did on ‘I'm Your Man’ - he wanted to not give the people what they wanted but instead endeavour to follow his muse and create something different.

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