• zu / mats gustafsson How to Raise An Ox (CD, £12.95)

    label: atavistic

    Recall if you will, the triumphant out-funk of RADIALE; perhaps it was your earliest contact with the powerhouse known as Zu, as they collided head-on with Chicago's least-seen (yet best) bad-assery trio, Spaceways Inc. Then, if you will - ponder the sublime soul-power-GUSH (pun intended, c.f. alp161cd)) of Sir Mats Gustafsson, one of the leading lights and practitioners of modern-era saxophone endeavour. Then - and only if you can without too much duress and/or salivation - contemplate the ensuing hi-fi, brain-numbing hypno-skronk implosion when these Italian Stallions meet the Blue Swede in a living fight to the death!

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