• charlie harper Stolen Property (CD, £8.50)

    label: captain oi

    Debut solo album by U.K. Subs frontman and Punk Rock legend Charlie Harper. Originally released on the collectable Flicknife Records in 1982. Includes the bonus of Charlie’s first two solo singles ‘Barmy London Army’ and ‘Freaked’. TRACK LISTING 1. PILLS 2. LOUIE LOUIE 3. OH, YEAH 4. TALKIN’ BOUT YOU 5. LET’S GO-GO 6. HOG FOR YOU BABAY 7. HEY JOE 8. LIGHT MY FIRE 9. WAITING FOR MY MAN 10.NIGHT OF THE JACKAL 11.FEMME FATALE 12.HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN / BONUS TRACKS 13.BARMY LONDON ARMY 14.TALK IS CHEAP 15.FREAKED 16.JO

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