• teho teardo Soundtrack Work 2004-2008 (digipak CD, £10.25)

    label: expanding

    Ennio Morricone has this to say about this album: “Teho Teardo searches for originality through difficult forms, using repetition, an economy of materials and a personal minimalism; in short, through a continuous "passacaglia" he searches for solutions that can fit both his needs and those of the film he writes music for. Experience tells me that sooner or later those who seek will find and in the passages between searching and finding there are important moments, moments such as the ones we can hear on this beautiful album”. Teho Teardo is with Martina Bertoni one half of Modern Institute, which in 2006 released 'Excellent Swimmer’, their critically acclaimed debut album. Teho’s work as Modern Institute makes up but a small part of his creative world and since 'Excellent Swimmer’ he has worked on many varied musical projects, collaborations and sound installations. More recently though he has become well known for his award-winning soundtrack work in his native Italy. 'Soundtrack Works 2004-2008' is a selective compilation of that work in film music which has won him many major awards and much critical acclaim. The album includes incidental music from the international hit and Cannes Jury Prize winner 'Il Divo', for which he also won the Ennio Morricone Prize at the Italia Film Festival. Morricone himself presented the prize, and the ‘Il Divo’ soundtrack subsequently won the David di Nonatell Prize, the most important prize for music in Italian cinema. Teho's method of working takes in much more than a film's imagery. He starts work immediately after reading the film’s script and by doing this creates music that has a life of its own, creating compositions that work as music in their own right. ‘Soundtrack Work 2004-2008’ is an album which, apart from being “music for films”, also conjures up worlds outside those created by Teho for the cinema. This album is a record of the extraordinary early work of an important new name in the world of film music.

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