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  • swimmer one Dead Orchestras (CD, £8.25)

    label: Biphonic

    Two years on from their debut The Regional Variations, Swimmer One are back with their second album, which takes in everything from the electronic art... more

  • swimmer one The Regional Variations (CD, £6.75)

    label: Biphonic

    Two awkward perfectionists from Scotland, Andrew Eaton and Hamish Brown, are Swimmer One. They make intelligent leftfield pop, but not the kind that f... more

  • swimmer one Come On, Let's Go! (CD EP, £2.80)

    label: Biphonic

    1: Come On, Let's Go! 2: Lake Tahoe 3: How Could Something This single is the follow up to We Just Make Music For Ourselves and contains 3 new tracks ... more

  • swimmer one We Just Make Music for Ourselves (CD EP, £2.80)

    label: Biphonic

    1: We Just Make Music For Ourselves 2: Talk Me Down From 20000 Ft 3: Music For Other People. In 2003, Swimmer One released their debut single, We Jus... more

  • Found 4 result(s).