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  • lightnin' rod Hustler's Convention (LP, £22.25)

    Lightnin' Rod is just one of the many pseudonyms used by Jalal Mansur Nuriddin, often referred to as the "Grandfather of Rap." A prolific wordsmith an... more

  • domestic documents vol. 2  (double LP, £22.25)

    Scratching the surface of Australia's independent electronic massive, Butter Sessions and Noise In My Head finally compile the second volume of Domest... more

  • flashback issue 9  (Magazine, £10.25)

    GROUP 1850: Led by the charismatic Peter Sjardin and featuring the brilliant guitarist Dean van Bergen, Group 1850 were one of the most imaginative b... more

  • jim james Tribute to 2 (LP, £18.95)

    After releasing the politically charged solo album ‘Eternally Even’ in 2016, My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James returns with ‘Tribute To 2’, a col... more

  • colin potter The Abominable Slowman (LP, £19.50)

    After working for 20 years on this album, Colin Potter finally releases an LP that dives into many different codes (soundtrack, experimental, ambient,... more

  • steve cobby Hemisemidemiquaver (double LP, £16.50)

    MAX ESSA: "Love this! A deeply satisfying experience beginning to end. From the languid beauty of 'Cherry-Skin Blanket' and 'Fixing The Shadows' to th... more

  • collegium On a Ona (CD, £12.95)

    A CD-reissue of Collegium Musicum's sixth album, originally released in 1979. This album contains some shorter tracks that are pretty much in the vein... more

  • ben salisbury & geoff barrow Ex Machina: Original Soundtrack (silver vinyl double LP, £24.50)

    label: Invada

    Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow join forces for a second time since their creation of DROKK, their unused score for 2012 motion picture DREDD, to create ... more

  • epitaph for a legend  (double CD, £8.50)

    Limited edition digibook reissue of Lelan Rogers's compilation of alternate takes, demos, rehearsals and rare tracks from the International Artists va... more

  • wild billy childish & c t m f In the Devil's Focus (10" LP, £12.50)

    label: damaged goods

    “We're like a cherry tree in the garden that nobody can be bothered to scrump cos it has slightly undersized fruit which has not been standardised for... more


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  • gabriella cohen Full Closure and No Details (LP, £19.95)

  • waxahatchee Out In the Storm (LP, £20.75)

  • allison crutchfield Tourist In This Town (digipak CD, £12.50)

  • gold panda Good Luck and Do Your Best (CD, £6.50)

  • bill ryder-jones West Kirby County Primary (LP, £17.50)

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