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  • sisters of mercy A Slight Case of Overbombing (CD, £3.50)

  • arthur buck Arthur Buck (LP, £17.50)

    label: new west

    Sometimes the catalyst for creating great art is simply being in the right place at the right time. For Arthur Buck, the new collaboration between s... more

  • don cherry Home Boy, Sister Out (double LP, £24.95)

    Don Cherry's downtown Paris funk masterwork produced in 1985 by Ramuntcho Matta and originally released by Barclay in France only, finally gets a worl... more

  • dj richard Dies Iræ Xerox (CD, £9.50)

    Following 2017’s ‘Path of Ruin EP ’, DJ Richard returns to Dial with his much-anticipated second LP. Undoubtedly one of the most distinctive and ful... more

  • smoking martha In Deep (CD, £13.50)

    Born of sultry songstress Tasha D and guitarist Mick Broome’s combined love of raw rock n roll and passionate music, Smoking Martha united with the he... more

  • barry brown Vibes of Barry Brown (LP, £16.95)

    Barry Brown is one of the enigmatic roots reggae vocalists that rose up from the sound system circuit and talent shows of western Kingston, which has ... more

  • philm Fire from the Evening Sun (digipak CD, £2.95)

    PHILM, the temperamental, highly gifted brainchild of Dave Lombardo certainly did not come to fruition overnight. Years of life lessons and rhythmical... more

  • henry jackman Uncharted: the Lost Legacy (180g coloured vinyl double LP, £32.95)

    There’s nothing quite like the orchestral swell of high adventure - a cadence that composer Henry Jackman continues to evolve in his follow-up to the ... more

  • borislav slavov Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Original Soundtrack) (180g coloured vinyl double LP, £25.50)

    Remastered. Red/Black Starburst Vinyl. A demon-enriched Nietzschean foray into madness and chaos. The vinyl comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve and i... more

  • ninth wave Never Crave Attention (10", £7.25)


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  • hot snakes Jericho Sirens (CD, £10.50)

  • sarah mary chadwick Sugar Still Melts In the Rain (CD, £10.95)

  • cosmic psychos Loudmouth Soup (red vinyl LP, £22.25)

  • joanne robertson The Lighter (CD, £8.25)

  • luke haines I Sometimes Dream of Glue (CD, £10.95)

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