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  • celibate rifles Roman Beach Party (180g vinyl LP, £16.95)

    Reissued on vinyl, this 1987 album is a genuine classic from Australia's garage-fuelled punk history. Liner notes, an interview with Celibate Rifles-m... more

  • vitamin x Age of Paranoia (CD, £8.75)

    Album from veteran Amsterdam hardcore punk group Vitamin X. Age Of Paranoia, the latest chapter in the band’s lineage, was recorded by Igor Wouters ... more

  • ruby andrews Black Ruby (CD, £13.25)

    Although for the longest time she has been a Chicago resident, Ruby Andrews' wonderfully dramatic vocals sounds like straight from the deep south of t... more

  • a certain ratio Up In Downsville (white vinyl double LP, £22.75)

    label: mute

    A Certain Ratio embraced the ethic and culture of the late Seventies post punk explosion but sounded like nothing else around them and refused to fit... more

  • nirosta steel The Dry Ice Remixes (7", £10.75)

    Nirosta Steel represents the solo tunes of Steven Hall, the Scottish singer/guitarist who collaborated with the late Arthur Russell and moonlights as ... more

  • 485c 485C (CD, £12.25)

    label: fierce panda

    485C are very much five rock’n’rolling dreamers lurking in east London. They consist of Adam Hume (vocals), Dom Watson (guitar / vocals), Lucas Hunt (... more

  • witch mountain Witch Mountain (LP, £18.95)

    Witch Mountain's fifth album and their first with new vocalist Kayla Dixon at the helm. TRACKLIST: 1: Midnight 2: Mechanical World 3: Burn You Do... more

  • lyrics born Later That Day ... (CD, £11.50)

    A crucial founding member of the Northern Cali-birthed Solesides / Quannum collective – which included DJ Shadow and Blackalicious, among others – and... more

  • our solar system Origins (LP, £18.75)

    Our Solar System’s third full-length via Beyond Beyond is Beyond is perhaps their most transparent and revealing, unobstructed by anything beyond th... more

  • surgeon Luminosity Device (double LP, £17.50)

    Luminosity Device takes Bardo Thödol – the Tibetan Book of the Dead – as a starting point for a rhythmic journey into those interstitial spaces where ... more


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  • plastic cloud The Plastic Cloud (180g vinyl LP, £21.75)

  • nick oliveri N.O. Hits At All Vol. 4 (blue vinyl LP, £23.50)

  • hot snakes Jericho Sirens (clear vinyl LP, £21.95)

  • 6 string drag High Hat (CD, £12.75)

  • jessica risker I See You Among the Stars (CD, £11.50)

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