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  • kaja draksler, petter eldh & christian lillinger Punkt.Vrt.Plastik (CD, £14.25)

    Kaja Draksler, Petter Eldh and Christian Lillinger are among the most thrilling, deep and versatile figures to emerge in Europe over the last decade a... more

  • david hooper & the silverbacks It's My Turn (LP, £21.75)

    Intense ballads and breathtaking riffs are the foundation of a solid mountain crowned by the expressive and smooth voice of David Hooper, whom, alongs... more

  • blown paper bags Arm Your Cameras (CD, £13.50)

    Formed in 2004 on the northwest of Italy, Blown Paper Bags feature members of acts from Genova's underground indie rock scene, such as Lo-Fi Sucks!, C... more

  • francis plagne Moss Trumpet (LP, £23.95)

    Having released four full length albums framed around more 'song' orientated spheres, Melbourne artist Francis Plagne has concurrently moved around co... more

  • octopus syng Victorian Wonders (CD, £10.75)

    label: Mega Dodo

    Octopus Syng was formed in the summer of 1999 by the band’s guitarist and vocalist Jaire Pätäri. Jaire recorded two albums under the Octopus Syng mon... more

  • oi va voi Memory Drop (LP, £15.95)

    label: v2

    Formed at the dawn of the millennium by six young Londoners with diverse musical roots, Oi Va Voi made an instant impact with their debut album Laught... more

  • vertigo index A Choice to Believe / Posthuman V1.1 (MC, £4.75)

    Raging grindcore/powerviolence from Ohio. TRACKLIST: 1. MUSCLE TOWER, 2. 8 BIT PSYCHOSIS, 3. TELEVAMGELINGUS, 4. SNAKE CHARMER, 5. ASSIMILATION CHAMBE... more

  • miss velvet & the blue wolf Bad Get Some (LP, £15.75)

    Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf is a dynamic 8-piece New York-based band that brings a vital and original dimension to the contemporary Indie Rock/ Fu... more

  • dirty contacts The World's End / When You Stop Loving Me (7", £9.95)

    Featuring ex (and current) members of The X-Men, The Cannibals, Armitage Shanks, The Dentists and more, the 'Contacts are a 5-piece combo of ill reput... more

  • thelma jones I Can't Stand It / Only Yesterday (7", £9.25)

    label: The Numero Group

    The missing link between her Barry and Columbia singles, “I Can’t Stand It” b/w “Only Yesterday” is Thelma Jones with her back against the wall of an ... more


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  • gareth sager & the hungry ghosts Juicy Rivers (LP, £18.95)

  • swans Soundtracks for the Blind / Die Tür Ist Zu (digipak 3 CD set, £12.25)

  • micah p. hinson When I Shoot At You With Arrows, I Will Shoot to Destroy You (LP, £17.25)

  • smokescreens Used to Yesterday (LP, £15.75)

  • thought criminals Speed.Madness..Flying Saucers... (LP, £21.95)

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