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  • m a r r s Pump Up the Volume (Canadian 9-track MC, £4.00)

  • m a r r s Pump Up the Volume (US 7", £3.00)

  • m c 5 Kick Out the Jams (Yugoslavian LP, £12.00)

  • m c 5 Phun City, UK (CD, £12.00)

  • m c 5 Thunder Express (German CD, £6.00)

    label: munster

    A blast-through-it set of originals and stage staples recorded at Herouville Castle in Europe in 1972. The big ticket here is the inclusion of "Thunde... more

  • m c 900 ft jesus (with D J ZERO) Truth Is Out of Style (Belgian 7", £2.00)

  • m c 900 ft jesus Killer Inside Me (Austrian 4-track CD, £2.00)

    label: Nettwerk

  • m c 900 ft jesus Welcome to My Dream (Belgian LP, £3.00)

    label: Nettwerk

  • m c 900 ft jesus with d j zero Truth Is Out of Style (Austrian 3-track 3" CD, £2.00)

    label: Nettwerk

  • m d c Agora Mais Que Nunca (Brazilian 30-track CD, £12.00)

  • m d m a Green River Waves (Austrian 4-track 3" CD, £2.00)

  • m f d Boris the Spider (US blue vinyl 7" promo, £6.00)

  • m f d Chapter 3 (US 7", £6.00)

  • m f d Full Volume (US marbled grey vinyl LP, £12.00)

  • m f d Music for the Deaf (US LP, £12.00)

  • m p's Housewives' Choice (7" (no pic), £8.00)

  • m'era luna festival 2001  (German 30-track double CD, £10.00)


  • m-80's In a Fury! (US green vinyl LP, £4.00)

    label: get hip

    16 excellent garage punk tracks of this Norfolk, VA band

  • m-beat featuring nazlyn Sweet Love (5-track CD, £0.50)

  • m.f.d. All of This (US 3-track 7", £3.00)

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